HBO’s Silicon Valley Case Study

Content Strategist / Copywriter

Objective: HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” a TV show parodying the tech world, needed a digital presence. This was all about extending the story into the digital world, finding ways to delight the biggest fan and the newest viewer. 

The timespan: Three months.

The approach: We read through episode scripts to develop concepts and then narrowed down top projects to build out.

The details: We worked with consultants across the country ranging from designers, developers and experts at SDI International and DARPA to make sure we got all our facts straight.

The work: Homicide Energy Drink Website, Pied Piper Website, Hooli Website, XYZ Moonshots Website, Raviga Website, Bro App.

Role: Core team of three including producer and developer.

Note: I’m not able to show the strategy decks, wire frames and process photos due to my contract but below are the final products.


Pied Piper Website

We made an interactive website (the Pied Piper walked into the cave as you scrolled and out came your compressed files and up into the cloud) for the fictional company Pied Piper.


Hooli XYZ - Moonshots

A sample from the Hooli XYZ website, parodying Google X and moonshots. Kiko was a special guest on season two.

Kikoarm_Moonshot (1).png

Bro App

A parody of the “Yo” app, where you could “Bro” your friends.

bro demo.gif

Homicide Energy Drink Website

Homicide Energy is a fictional energy drink featured on season 2 website. Parodying energy drink bro culture, the company tagline is: “The energy drink that doesn’t give a fuck.” So that should set the tone for what you’re about to read.


Raviga Capital Management Website

A fictional venture capital company.



Ideating and producing all of these experiences was a great time, it was loved by the cast, crew, and received a fair amount of buzz on social media and on entertainment blogs. The process could have used a project manager to fit together all the moving pieces and kept everything on schedule.